A hero prepares for his return to Gaddafi Stadium

Eight years and two days after he drove a bullet-ridden bus to Gaddafi Stadium, Meher Muhammad Khalil will be at the ground to watch the historic Pakistan Super League final. “I jumped out of my bed when I got a call from the Pakistan Cricket Board [inviting him to the game],” says Khalil, sharing his excitement. “Every year in March, there is a strange sense of despair that grips me but this time around, I hope the smiles don’t go away.”
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Is Trump Your President?

NEW YORK, 17 Sep.: “Not my president! Not my president! Not my president!” the protesters yell as they gather at Columbus Circle, New York. People are gathering here four days after one of the biggest upsets in American political history. Their plan is to move to the nearby Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, home to America’s president-elect.

Donald J. Trump is going to be America’s 45th president. Whether one likes it or not, he is going to become part of the same group as George Washington, Honest Abe and FDR. But these protesters don’t want to believe it. At least not today.

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The Refugee Challenge: Syrians in America

NEW YORK, 20 Sep. – Feroz Adnan, who arrived in the U.S. this past June, fidgeted with her cell phone and tried to hide the tears in her eyes when she talked about the problems she is facing as a refugee. “I am pregnant but I have not been able to see a doctor,” she said in Arabic.

Adnan arrived in Albany, New York, three months ago after escaping civil war in Syria and living in Jordan for four years. For a family who do not speak basic English, a task as simple as setting up a doctor’s appointment can be unsurmountable.

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The Sorry Israeli Stall Controversy

Three people were removed from their positions over the issue of having an Israeli stall at a mock United Nations debating contest at the Islamic International University, Islamabad. This was done because of their ‘culpability’ in promoting Israel’s agenda. Well, actually no, they did not do anything of the sort. They were suspended because they organised a Model UN conference — a simulation of the United Nations — where Israel was represented as a country.

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